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Can You Get By Without Moving Blankets?

“Lady, how many moving blankets do you want?” Well, that’s a good question, isn’t it? While I ultimately figured the answer out for myself, I wish my moving company had been more of a resource while I planned what was needed for my move.

How To Care For Your Moving Blankets

Once you’ve invested in furniture, it’s in your best interest to care for it. Attempting to relocate or ready a vacation home for a hiatus without the benefit of moving blankets is sure to end in disappointment. Given the properties of wood, even the best-built furniture can be damaged by water, dings or dents.

Get Your Move Going With Moving Blankets

Planning a move, your mind is going a thousand miles an hour. If the move is coinciding with the closing of a mortgage, then you’re doubly taxed with details like the sequence of signing papers, obtaining keys and access to your new home. In all the turmoil, it’s easy to overlook basics.

Creative Ways To Use Moving Blankets

My friends and I have a running gag. We take turns finding the most obscure item and challenge each other to come up with the most creative ways to reuse, reduce or recycle the items. See, we fancy ourselves armchair naturalists.

Moving Blankets Are Must-Haves

Stop. Before you go any further writing your list of supplies for your impending move, let me just say: you have to add moving blankets. That’s right.

Packing for a Move

Moving is a stressful time, by following some simple tips when packing for a move you can cut down on some of the stress and chaos. It may be tempting to just start throwing things in boxes but packing in an orderly fashion and being prepared will make things easier to both pack and unpack.

How To Move Fragile Items

Moving is an arduous task enjoyed by no one. The mere logistics of trying to simultaneously pack up a home while maintaining an everyday existence under the same roof is nearly impossible; you may find yourself packing items you don’t think you need only to unpack them a few days later. Life simply requires access to tools and resources we often never credit.

How Do You Make Good Use Of Moving Blankets?

If you’ve moved recently, you may have some leftover moving blankets. You may think to yourself, “I’m not moving again anytime soon, don’t need these anymore” and consider tossing them out. But wait.

Furniture Pads Can Save Your Crystal

You may never have given it a second thought, but when faced with the need to relocate precious family heirlooms like china and crystal, you’ll know a tingle of fear. How can you possibly move Grandma’s fragile gifts across four states without losing part of the set? And what on earth will you do if a salad plate or coffee cup gets scratched?

Considerations To Think About When Moving With Pets

A lot of people love their pets as if they are also like humans. They dress them the way they want their pets to look like and they even put accessories to make them even more appealing to the eyes of the others.

Hiring Flat Rate Movers Takes the Stress Out of Moving

With the daily hustle and bustle in our beloved city, having to move can be a stressful event. As always, traffic is bumper to bumper and having to rent a moving truck and maneuver.

Tips to Overcome Relocation Stress

Moving into a new place is a necessary part of life for most of us. It is of course, a learning experience. But for those who have to do most of the work, moving can be a really stressful process. More so, if the moving process is done without adequate planning, then there is nothing more stressful than that.

Furniture Pads – Useful When You’re Moving

How often is it that while moving from one place to another, you obsess over protecting everything you own except the furniture? Furniture pads are an undeniable necessity to prevent scratches and blemishes from marring your furniture. The furniture is the basic necessity these days.

Moving Blankets: Small Investments

You may be hesitant to invest some money in moving blankets for your upcoming move, the feeling is understandable. Frankly with all the expenses one typically incurs before, during, and for months after a move, it’s not surprising you might want to cut costs somewhere. There are termination fees, start-up fees and a host of other incidentals, and something has to give.

Which Moving Insurance Is Right for You?

When you decide to move, you want to protect your possessions. Know the different types of moving insurance so you can make the best decision.

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