58. MOVING VLOG (and also, I dyed my hair platinum blonde to be dramatic)

How to Prep When Moving in With Roommates

Like it or not, moving to your own place can be expensive. Splitting the cost just a bit between a roommate or two can help quite a bit, but there are precautions to take and be aware of when moving in with roommates.

Moving House – Getting Your Things Packed

Moving everything you own is never something to be taken lightly. It’s a time consuming task coupled with the stress of selling your house, negotiating on the new one, fixing dates, not to mention the costs which are all a part of the joys of moving house. To get the job done correctly it takes a bit of planning.

Helpful Tips That Can Help You Plan Your Next Long Distance Move

Many moving companies suggest that you plan ahead before you make a long distance move to a new home. This is good advice to follow because if can help you avoid many of the hassles and nightmares that may accompany a cross-country move. Here are some moving tips that can help you plan your long distance move.

Toronto Downtown Real Estate: Where to Relocate?

There are just so many things to keep in mind when purchasing real estate. The mortgage process is arduous.

Enrich Your Life By Living In Richmond

Just minutes away from central London, Richmond is a popular place for commuters and is widely considered to be one of the nicest places to live in the capital. Located on the banks of the River Thames, the scenic suburban town has always been admired by royalty and celebrities alike who want all the advantages of London life without the hassle of the hustle and bustle. Famed for its genteel surroundings, Richmond combines the historical romance of an untainted town with all of the required modern conveniences necessitated by twenty-first century city-dwellers.

Moving to Auckland

Moving to another city can be difficult, especially if you haven’t lived in that city before and don’t know much about the different suburbs. One of the best things to do before moving permanently to a new city like Auckland is to choose a temporary housing option so you can live in the city and find out exactly which suburb is right for you. To avoid moving all your possessions twice, you can rent self storage units in Manukau, which is a suburb in the southern part of Auckland.

Moving to Manukau

If you are considering a move to the Manukau area of Auckland City, you will find plenty of suburbs to choose from, including Papatoetoe, Manurewa, Pakuranga, Mangere and Howick. Whether you are looking to buy or rent, there are lots of options to choose from and you can even make use of great self storage units in Manukau if you find yourself “between houses”.

Own A Piece Of Paradise – Buy Land In Missouri

If you are looking for a place to set up your dream home, amidst breathtaking natural beauty, then your destination has to be Missouri. The state is the best place to buy land, build a home or make an investment. Period.

New Orleans Movers – 3 Things to Know Before Moving to the City

The information provided here will help you not only find a reliable movers in New Orleans, but will also help you acclimatize yourself with the living condition in the city. Movers may relocate you, but they will not tell you about these three things, which significantly affect one’s life once shifted to the city.

Tips For Finding A Good Moving Van Company

When you’re moving house, there are a lot of things to remember and a list of things that could potentially go wrong. One of the most important things to do when you know your moving date is to check out moving van companies.

Host A Packing Party When Moving During the Holiday

  Holidays are a great excuse to hold parties. If you’ve planned a move around the holidays, it’s an even greater excuse to hold a packing party. We generally underestimate how much stuff we’ve accumulate over the years.

Moving With Pets

Moving on your own is a daunting task. Now, add in to the mix moving your animals like your pet dog that does not seem to stop barking at the new neighbors or your cheeky cat that’s throwing up on your leather car seat. Take this horrible imagery out of your mind since this horror story is preventable.

Relocating to Christchurch – The Garden City

After surviving two earthquakes and despite a number of resulting adversities, Christchurch is still standing strong as one of New Zealand’s most popular urban centres. The second largest city in the country; Christchurch offers a huge number of opportunities for business, investment and a great way of life for anyone. The city’s size and number of high quality schools attract a lot of residents, especially young couples and families.

Using Dallas Movers to Safely Relocate to Dallas

If you end up finding a good mover, shifting your base becomes effortless and event-less. But in Dallas, movers are not very reliable. You need to find a reliable one to safely relocate to your new house.

How to Save on Moving Costs

Moving house is never a cheap exercise. Once you’ve made the decision to move the inevitable cavalcade of fees begin to accumulate. Solicitor fees, estate agent fees, property searches, the list of fees can seem pretty daunting. But when it comes to the actual move there are a few ways to save a little.

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